Podcasting = Wayne's World?

I went to Best Buy today (a favorite haunt) and was checking out the movie section and got the movie Wayne’s World for something like $6.49 USD. It really got me thinking about podcasting… and my taste in movies. Podcasting is like the beginning of the movie. We’re little guys just having fun doing our [...]

PCPGH3 – PodCamp and Social Media

PodCamp Pittsburgh 3 or PCPGH3 as yinz folks like callin’ it, was full of good times for this now PodCamp veteran. I believe it is cialis 20mg so valuable to provide a FREE, casual conference to anyone who wants to learn more about different types of social media. Of course as one who helped organize [...]

LTL: Less Than Lethal

Now, I’ve been accused of being a die-hard, right wing nut. I also have been accused of being liberal, but not cialis order liberal enough. Some people have also called me ultra-liberal. I really describe myself as a moderate. But this conversation is not about politics. It’s about the criticisms we all receive, especially in [...]

Report: Jason at PCPGH3

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Social Media: Diversity & Activism

At PodCamp Pittsburgh 3 I just gave this presentation on diversity, advocacy, and activism. I really think I hit it order cialis online on the head this time. You can see the progression over the last few years of my talks on these topics. I think I’ve come to a much better understanding and ability [...]

Report: Jason at PCPGH3

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Podcamp Pittsburgh 2 Presentation

Well, again, the numbers in the PDF may be off, but here is my most popular presentation from PodCamp Pittsburgh last year. This presentation was done in response to viagra super active online a request on cialis price the website. There were at least 30 if not 45 people crammed into the class. It was [...]

Last Reminder: PCPGH3

This is your LAST reminder to register online for PodCamp Pittsburgh 3. (We really need an accurate count of the people coming and your viagra online canada pharmacy name to print the name tags. It’s a free conference and I will be presenting “Social Media: Diversity & Activism” on Saturday morning. It is a time [...]

PodCamp Pittsburgh 1 Presentation

My first time to PodCamp Pittsburgh order cialis online was two years ago, just after I moved back to Pennsylvania. I was nervous and in awe of many of my cohorts. Now, some of the numbers about downloads, etc. may be online viagra no prescription wrong on the slides, so be warned. I had about [...]