Podcast #159: Confused

I am confused.  What rights should buy xenical online canadian we fight for? Who should do it? At what government level? Etcetera…  PLUS a little generic cialis canada pharmacy on Dr. Phil on how he wants to be as LGBT friendly as Suze Orman (an “L”).


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1 comment to Podcast #159: Confused

  • Kyle Chen

    It was a great podcast. I think one of the reasons the answer is always all of the above is that the vocal minority are activists. Activists have a bad habit of just pointing out the issue and complaining that we need to change them without actually being able to put together a step by step plan of action to achieve such a thing.

    Is it fair to put one issue ahead of another? No, but without doing so “all of the above” will never happen.

    As I’m sure everyone has already heard before “A trip around the world starts with a single step” what they left out of that one is that it’s equally impossible with modern science to just teleport you to the other side of the planet.

    I will admit that my perspective is a bit skewed living in Canada where on GLBT issues we are admittedly a bit ahead of the states in several areas. But I do know that there was a focused effort on marriage and that was the reason it got pushed through.

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